Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/19991203-02         Ticket Status: UPDATE
 Ticket Type:   Unscheduled                 Ticket Source: HEA-NOC
 Ticket Scope:  Line                        Site/Line:     HEAnet <==> DCU
 Ticket Owner:  [log in to unmask]         Problem Fixer: HEA-NOC
 Ticket Opened:                             Problem Start: 11:49 3/12/99
 Ticket Closed:                             Problem End:

Problem Description:

Dcu flapping errors building up on DCU router. Connectivity reduced.


Reduced connectivity to DCU.


Contacted DCU. Contacted EIrcom. Eircom issue Ticket number 214 at 12:32.

At 12:52 No input errors/output errors(4) on Heanet router. On the Dcu router there is 255 input errors which is 0.2% of the total packets transmitted.

At 14:14  No input errors/output errors(0) on Heanet router. On the DCU router there is 499 input errors which is 0.04% of the total packets transmitted.

Time to Fix:

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