Christmas must be silly season this year, but...

>All the resources we need, that we were cut off from for a long
>time are within our reach right now... no matter where we are.
>We just need to tap into them. And that is why I recommended
>X.COM. Forget about the financial advantages, for a moment!
>There is internet access in virtually every country in the world...
>people are just not tapping into it!

Since you have to be a US resident to get access to's
services this is pure and utter male bovine excrement.

Of course a spammer is happier the more "coverage" he gets,
still Mr. Divine seems to go to a great effort on a less than
thankful audience. Usually it's useless to respond to the sender
of spam unless you want your email address to be upgraded
on the spam-lists to "yep, (s)he's home".

Seasonal greetings and have a great new millennium.

Jørn Grotnes