Hi Mr.Nhari,
Thanks for your response and the question about
setting up these services in our countries! I guess
that is the point I was really trying to get to.

We really don't need to set up nothing physically
anywhere! All the resources we need, that we were cut
off from for a long time are within our reach right
now... no matter where we are. We just need to tap
into them. And that is why I recommended X.COM. Forget
about the financial advantages, for a moment! There is
internet access in virtually every country in the
world...people are just not tapping into it!

So we as IT professional can help convince our people
of the advantages in engaging in internet
transactions, and I think X.COM is a company worth
trying out. They are a reputable bank at the cutting
edge of information technology as far as financial
management is concerned!

By the way I don't understand this charge of spamming!
As an African and as an IT professional, I don't see
why I should not inform our community on this list
about a service I happen to have a lot of confidence
in. And so what if there are certain financial
benefits involved? That will probably end up with a
non-profit organization involved in internet education
directed towards Africans in particular. As an MCSE
and Web developer, I do just fine!

Akere Divine Achu, MCSE

P.S. By the way did visit my web site to check out
some of the free computer related services offered to
the community!

--- Lincoln Nhari <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Divine Achu
> Having taken a close look at your original message
> due to what you have
> called negative responses. I feel compelled to
> respond.
> It is my opinion that you seem to be spamming.
> Although your message is
> somewhat informative about the fact that
> provides such services. I
> would have liked to think that seeing that this is
> an African Network of IT
> Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List,(emphasis on
> IT Experts and
> Professionals), you should have gone on to inform
> the IT
> Experts/Professional ( All Africans as you put it),
> how they can setup such
> services in African States and thereby catch up with
> the rest of the world.
> I do not think encouraging us to be consumers of the
> services themselves on
> this list will really help us Africans to catch up
> and not get left behind.
> Well that is my opinion.
> Happy holidays.
> Lincoln T. Nhari
> Software Developer
> Monotix Zimbabwe.

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