Sunday, Kelechi, Cliff, et al

Nigeria is not Y2K ready.

Whether the Minister likes it or not. Whether they issue such
ridiculous statements or not. Whether a telefone system to speak of
exists or not. Whether the power system is erratic if working at all,
or not. Whether you would want to use their airports in the early
hours of the morning after or not.

Thatīs fact. No measure of hyperventilation is going to make any of
this go away.

CLiff is totally right is his comments

> Last year I attended Afrinet '99 in Abuja.  There were
> representatives from numerous African countries, many of which
> demonstrate significant progress towards using digital
> communications.  It was interesting to hear many of these
> representatives pleading with and chiding Nigeria.  "You have the
> money.  You have the resources.  You have the manpower," they were
> saying.  "You should be leading us.  Not us leading you!"

> I agree.

So do I. In particular Nigeria does have the human resources.

> Nigeria needs to build a society that will welcome and accommodate
> her brilliant, far-flung sons and daughters.  Nigeria needs to make
> digital communication a priority and broaden access for greater
> participation.  (Not stuff data communications under the sluggish
> NITEL and charge her own universities millions for a satellite
> license.  Ki!)  And Nigeria needs to focus on training a LARGE cadre
> of information technology professionals to tame the technology and
> make it serve Nigerians and eventually the entire continent.

Whether I find Nigeria morally, politically and/or financially corrupt
is opinion.

But technically this is a trivial exercise.