Hi Devine,

I agree with the views expressed below.  This list is not for ordinary
Africans.  It is for IT EXPERTS and PROFESSIONALS.  An insight into say, how
I can develop such a system in say Ghana, or Senegal would have helped us

I think there are other avenues on the net for adverts.  Better luck next

I am sure you are new to this list.  There are very top professionals who do
not care to write their credetials after their names.  I promise you that
some of the people on this list can fill a whole page with their degrees and
.......... Maybe Clement will give you some information on the aim of this

Good Luck

>Divine Achu
>Having taken a close look at your original message due to what you have
>called negative responses. I feel compelled to respond.
>It is my opinion that you seem to be spamming. Although your message is
>somewhat informative about the fact that provides such services. I
>would have liked to think that seeing that this is an African Network of IT
>Experts and Professionals (ANITEP) List,(emphasis on IT Experts and
>Professionals), you should have gone on to inform the IT
>Experts/Professional ( All Africans as you put it), how they can setup such
>services in African States and thereby catch up with the rest of the world.
>I do not think encouraging us to be consumers of the services themselves on
>this list will really help us Africans to catch up and not get left behind.
>Well that is my opinion.
>Happy holidays.
>Lincoln T. Nhari
>Software Developer
>Monotix Zimbabwe.

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