On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Kelechi Eke wrote:

> Dear brother Sunday,
> How are you today?  I am not trying to beat the dead horse but I would like
> to seize this opportunity to write and let you know that I really do share
> your views.  We may have been saying the same thing from diffrent angles.

I also hope you understood Eberhard, in the light of the mail from Chris
Missen. Chris also helped a lot working at the University of Jos (See
Jeff's Travelogue to Nigeria).

BTW: Is Jeff still on this list?

> I try as much as possible not to make our country's situation a public topic
> if you wondered why I may seem a little vague (cautious) sometimes.  For
> example, when I commented on the luxury of telephones and up-to-date
> computers, it doesn't mean that we can't afford to have them in Nigeria but
> there are obstacles(being cautious again) that make such things become
> luxury.

If there were no obstacles, this list will not exist. Our being on this
list is to pool experiences to overcome these obstacles, whether real,
perceived or self inflicted.

> You mentioned how you were booed at the Nigeria Internet Conference in 1995.
>   Were you booed because someone had better ideas and if so has any been
> successfully implemented?  This is an example why I say that we are behind,
> and that's nothing wrong with being behind which is not as bad as Staying
> behind.  Cliff mentioned in his last article about someone saying that
> "everyday is Y2K in Nigeria."

I will refer you to the archives of this list. I want you to check out
the thread on "Catch up or Leap Frog". I think we exhaustively discussed
being left behind in that thread.

> Unfortunately, there are some people in high places that actually think this
> way and would make erroneous decisions which the common people will pay for
> in the end.  This is frustrating part, not funny.  Because of our cultural
> values, I felt the need to write you and I hope you didn't feel like I
> insulted you in any way because that has never been my intention.

No Kelechi, I just felt some things you wrote to Eberhard were a bit
unnecessary. I am happy that we can bring the issue to a close here.

I return to the lurking mode.

Regards ...

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