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>To the Moderator: If this is a moderated list, please
>read carefully and forward this very important public
>interest announcement to the rest of your members.
>This message is directed specifically to all Africans
>who are residents of the United States!
>Fellow Africans! Let me start by wishing you all a
>Happy Christmas and a Blessed Ramadan!
>My name is Akere Divine Achu, and I am a Microsoft
>Certified Systems Engineer(MCSE), and Web development
>consultant. I am originally from Cameroon but
>currently based in Washington D.C. I am coming to you
>today to alert and to encourage those of you fellow
>Africans who are not yet part of the new world of
>electronic finance and commerce, to do so!
>Those Africans like us who have blessed by the
>Almighty God with connection to the internet, and
>especially those of us in the United States must take
>the lead in introducing our people and our continent
>to the new world of virtual commerce and finance! I
>know some of you are already conducting financial and
>business transactions online, and that is certainly
>This message is therefore really directed at those who
>are fully engaged yet and will like the opportunity to
>join the new world of electronic finance and global
>commerce, and need reputable institutions to help them
>do so!
>Having consulted with a number of local banks in the
>D.C Metropolitan region on establishing online banking
>services to their customers, I came to realize that
>most financial institutions will be providing a
>significant number of their services online, via the
>internet! And that overall global finance and commerce
>is also headed in that direction!
>We Africans must not be left behind this time! That's
>why I will like to introduce you all, or those of you
>who have not heard of or opened an account yet with
> the virtual leader in electronic finance, to
>do so. From my personal experience, having had an
>account with them for a while now, and from my
>professional experience in terms of working with
>companies offering nationwide and global financial
>services... I will strongly urge you brothers and
>sisters out there to take a good look at and the
>financial services they provide.
>I could go on and on reasons for you to join,
>but suffice to say that one of them is the ease at
>which they allow you to move and manage your money
>online! The process to open an account too is easy,
>and they start you with $20 in a checking account,
>meaning it will cost you nothing initially to get on
>board! Sounds to easy? Well, brothers and sisters,
>this is the future of finance, and that is why I
>thought it a duty to inform you all!
>Enough said, now simply click on the link below that
>takes you the X.COM's website to see what I mean...
>and then decide for yourself!
>https:[log in to unmask]
>In the meantime, you can all reach me at
>[log in to unmask], or visit my website at:
> where
>I offer free online consultation on Windows2000 and
>other Microsoft products to all Africans! I would not
>mine too if you got back with me just to thank me!!!
>Once more, have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed
>Ramadan! And may God bless Africa!!!
>Akere Divine Achu, MCSE
>Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
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