To the Moderator: If this is a moderated list, please
read carefully and forward this very important public
interest announcement to the rest of your members.
This message is directed specifically to all Africans
who are residents of the United States!

Fellow Africans! Let me start by wishing you all a
Happy Christmas and a Blessed Ramadan!

My name is Akere Divine Achu, and I am a Microsoft
Certified Systems Engineer(MCSE), and Web development
consultant. I am originally from Cameroon but
currently based in Washington D.C. I am coming to you
today to alert and to encourage those of you fellow
Africans who are not yet part of the new world of
electronic finance and commerce, to do so!

Those Africans like us who have blessed by the
Almighty God with connection to the internet, and
especially those of us in the United States must take
the lead in introducing our people and our continent
to the new world of virtual commerce and finance! I
know some of you are already conducting financial and
business transactions online, and that is certainly

This message is therefore really directed at those who
are fully engaged yet and will like the opportunity to
join the new world of electronic finance and global
commerce, and need reputable institutions to help them
do so!

Having consulted with a number of local banks in the
D.C Metropolitan region on establishing online banking
services to their customers, I came to realize that
most financial institutions will be providing a
significant number of their services online, via the
internet! And that overall global finance and commerce
is also headed in that direction!

We Africans must not be left behind this time! That's
why I will like to introduce you all, or those of you
who have not heard of or opened an account yet with the virtual leader in electronic finance, to
do so. From my personal experience, having had an
account with them for a while now, and from my
professional experience in terms of working with
companies offering nationwide and global financial
services... I will strongly urge you brothers and
sisters out there to take a good look at and the
financial services they provide.

I could go on and on reasons for you to join,
but suffice to say that one of them is the ease at
which they allow you to move and manage your money
online! The process to open an account too is easy,
and they start you with $20 in a checking account,
meaning it will cost you nothing initially to get on
board! Sounds to easy? Well, brothers and sisters,
this is the future of finance, and that is why I
thought it a duty to inform you all!

Enough said, now simply click on the link below that
takes you the X.COM's website to see what I mean...
and then decide for yourself!
https:[log in to unmask]

In the meantime, you can all reach me at
[log in to unmask], or visit my website at: where
I offer free online consultation on Windows2000 and
other Microsoft products to all Africans! I would not
mine too if you got back with me just to thank me!!!

Once more, have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed
Ramadan! And may God bless Africa!!!

Akere Divine Achu, MCSE
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer


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