Dear brother Sunday,
How are you today?  I am not trying to beat the dead horse but I would like
to seize this opportunity to write and let you know that I really do share
your views.  We may have been saying the same thing from diffrent angles.

I try as much as possible not to make our country's situation a public topic
if you wondered why I may seem a little vague (cautious) sometimes.  For
example, when I commented on the luxury of telephones and up-to-date
computers, it doesn't mean that we can't afford to have them in Nigeria but
there are obstacles(being cautious again) that make such things become

You mentioned how you were booed at the Nigeria Internet Conference in 1995.
  Were you booed because someone had better ideas and if so has any been
successfully implemented?  This is an example why I say that we are behind,
and that's nothing wrong with being behind which is not as bad as Staying
behind.  Cliff mentioned in his last article about someone saying that
"everyday is Y2K in Nigeria."

Unfortunately, there are some people in high places that actually think this
way and would make erroneous decisions which the common people will pay for
in the end.  This is frustrating part, not funny.  Because of our cultural
values, I felt the need to write you and I hope you didn't feel like I
insulted you in any way because that has never been my intention.



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>Subject: Re: Nigeria to Start Y2K Checks Next Month
>Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 02:17:03 +0100 (WAT)
>Dear Kelechi,
>On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Kelechi Eke wrote:
> > Sunday,
> > Unfortunately not everyone understood what I meant by 'struggle' but
> > you did a good job identifying a couple of them in your last response.
>I think you may be jumping to conclusion here! Many people lurk on this
>list, who have been part of the struggle. Vocal Eberhard (what happened to
>grumpy?) was together with them at the inception of most of the early
>African networking initiatives. I know he's been to the Obafemi Awolowo
>University, Ile-Ife assisting with manpower capacity building.
> > You probably chose not to comment that it is luxury have a working
> > telephone line and even up-to-date computers.
>At the expense of repeating myself, if you were on the list a year or two
>ago, when I wrote on Technology acquisition and consumption. I
>consistently argued that it is not a sin to be given a computer by a
>'Donor Agency'. [Warning: el - Keep off!!] The sin is being told that it
>is 'state of the art', a greater sin (a.k.a folly) accepting it as the
>state of the art!!!
>Some 2 weeks ago in France, I and was tempted to buy a Cell phone (470FFr,
>Equiv. US$75). Programmed handset and 200 units of talk time. I learnt it
>will end up a museum piece, because the world now uses GSM (Digital), but
>we still have TACS (Analog) in Nigeria. Wasn't GSM already drafted, if not
>fully developed and operational when we installed our cells?
>The Boo I got at the Nigeria Internet Conference in 1995 is still fresh in
>my mind, when a guy I love to forget presented a paper about X25, and the
>need for nigeria to adopt it as a standard for building a nation-wide
>Network. I pronounced it dead, mentioned TCP/IP and got shelled!
>We are not underdeveloped, we just do not want to stand up and walk!
>Rather than see our inadequacies, we continue to sulk. How do those who
>shop for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia do it?  They buy the latest gizzmos
>and recruit the best brains in the world to operate them, then they travel
>the world to show it off!! - I do not sulk over Africa's underdevelopment,
> >  Well, the Truth is the fact that Nigeria and Africa as a whole is
> > behind in Technology from whatever angle one looks at it and no aspect
> > of it is amusing.
>I beg to disagree. Isn't a Malian involved in some Mars probe? Will Mali
>launch a rocket (not SAMs) in his lifetime? He is now a US citizen. Isn't
>a Nigerian involved in some tough Cray programming? will his country
>assemble a supercomputer in his lifetime? We are not behind, we are at the
>forefront, its just that we are fighting the war in the opposite direction
>(its still the right side!!).
> > Thank goodness, there are people QUIETLY working to get us where we
> > ought to be.  Let me also point out that a true "Prince" does not
> > ridicle ANY part of the land where he is "Crowned." Have a pleasant
> > week all.
>True my friend. (Eberhard you need to keep quiet more!) I must say that
>our goals are the same, what is different is the schemes. I caution that
>we trade less of insults and more of ideas. This list has generated quite
>a lot of ideas in the past, and will play a leading role in the things to
>Best Regards to all!
>Sunday A. Folayan
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