Francine Nicholson wrote:

>  J.F. Nagy has done some nice analysis of chariots and
> charioteers as motifs in both secular and hagiographic
> tales. His earlier work on this topic appears in a journal
> article, but the more extensive treatments can be
> found in his book, _Conversing with Angels and Ancients_.

Excuse my insistence on this point:

we have of course ample evidence for the use of chariots by saints
(the "opposite party" in this conflict). But are any other attestations
known where demons use chariots to harass the progressing
soul? It seems as if this more than ambiguous passage in ACC
were the only piece of evidence. And since here the demons are
not even mentioned in connection with the chariots I would
consider it very hasardous to draw any conclusions from this

Of course if some other place unequivocal evidence for the notion
of demons using chariots could be found, this would change the
situation completely.