Sofus, list

I am talking to a company that offers these services,that use 
satellites with a footprint that covers Ghana. The feasability all
depends on speed required and resources investable. For a single 
user to get on the 'Net a satellite solution would probably still be 
prohibitively expensive. 

How far is it to the closest land line? A wireless link might be a better
solution and might be financed by sharing the link with other users,
even if they only want access to a phone line. A sattelite link will be 
expensive to both aquire and use, a wireless link will be (almost as) 
expensive to aquire but almost costless to use. A wireless link of
up to 10 miles might also be more stable. Of course the link speed
for Internet access would then be limited to modem speeds.

Have you also checked with the power company? They are supposed
to have links running on or along with power lines. This may be an
option if the demand is for higher speed - and may be even more 
reliable - but depends on how far the power company has progressed
on selling bandwith.

Best regards

Jorn Grotnes
Ghana / The Gambia