Greetings Afrik-ITes!

Patrick O'Beirne shared this with us, written by Gideon F. For-Mukwai:

> In particular, there is strong support from various Francophone
> support agencies concerned about the dominance of English on the
> Internet, with the result that French-speaking > countries have a
> far higher Internet profile and more institutional connectivety
> than non-French speaking countries, Jensen said.

Interesting!  Then we'd expect to see francophones leading the
way, yes?  But then:

> South Africa in particular is developing rapidly,

> Also following the faster trend of development in southern Africa are
> Angola and Botswana,

> Eastern Africa's leaders include Kenya and Uganda, while in west
> Africa, Senegal, Ghana and Benin are leading the trail. Cameroon is
> ahead of the rest of central Africa, followed by Gabon and then
> Nigeria.

Are the francophone programs then having such a dominant
impact?  Was there more to what Mike Jensen said?  The former
and latter comments seem perhaps to contradict themselves.

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