I would like to introduce myself to the List.  My name is Jimmy Garner, and
I am the IT Director for MainAvenue Net, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  We
provide a wide range of Network related consulting services.

We have been asked to do a feasibility study on establishing an ISP in
Ghana.  The primary analysis seems to indicate that a satellite Internet
feed would be preferable to a land-based solution.  As many of you are no
doubt aware, satellite feeds come in a variety of pricing/bandwidth options.

In an effort to keep the initial startup costs at a minimum, we are
considering a 128K or a 256K simplex feed.  This would require us to also
have a leased line from Ghana Telecom for downstream connectivity.

I wonder if anyone with experience leasing lines from Ghana Telecom could
let me know what to expect in regard to price and provisioning time.  We
would be interested in a fractional T1 initially (64K or 128K).  I was also
wondering if there are other connectivity providers beside Ghana Telecom?

If anyone has any comments about this (or anything else related to Internet
connectivity in Ghana), I would love to hear from you.

James Garner
IT Director
MainAvenue Net
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