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Hi Afrik-ITs

Jeff Cochrane comments

=I've never met such a fetishist.  Would be fascinating to chat with one,
=however.  More important than water?  My!  The author cites one
=fetishist as saying:

This is could start an interesting thread!!

It seems to me that relative importance of basic commodities
such as water depend on such where the commentator is in
Maslowes Hierachy of needs.

The higher up you are the easier it is to accept that basic needs
will be met by the environment in which one finds ones self and then
the importance of information starts to develop so that teh higher
level needs can be met.

Information however often plays a critical roll in the provision of
those basic needs, such as water. I am sure you has many examples,
from your quest for the perfect lausagne, of information being used to
bring water to the more arid parts of this continent. Consider
satellite geophysical surveys, pipeline development, purification

Without the information, no water.

I would hate to have to say which is more important. Without water we
do not have life, but in many cases, without information we dont have

Who asked the question about " If a tree falls in an unhabitated
forest does it make a noise?"

=> "Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are not only a
=> significant factor in the performance and growth of economies  the
=> importance of which is continuously growing  but they also
=> represent a novel and effective tool to help advance sustainable
=> human development" (UNDP 1998b)
=The UNDP hardly seems to be saying that information is more
=important than water... 8*)

Absolutely, but it does make a wonderfull subject for a philosophical
debate does it not?



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