Dear Afrik-iters,

I am a long time idler of this list, and followed carefully what happened lately with this virus.
Two basic conclusions came to my mind :

- The last contributions showned that viruses can affect anybody, including people that are aware of the threat. I have an anti virus on my personal computer, and the last virus definition update was less than one month old when I received the virus. The anti virus did not detect it. After this incident, I decided to setup the auto-update to once a week. Hence, we should find a solution to avoid receiving virus by forbidding attchments. People who would like to pass documents around still have the possibility to submit a url where to retrieve them. Lots of mailing lists are working this way.

- We should not forget that the information received thru Internet is not necessarily a good and sound information. We are used to get information thru "traditional" media like papers, radio or tv. On these traditional media, journalists are here to check the info before telling the world. This is NOT the case on Internet! We should keep that in mind, keep a critical mind on the info received. Concerning viruses (I may receive at least one virus notice a week), I am checking my anti virus soft website, to check the reality of the virus. 99% of the virus notices I receive are hoaxes. The major threat of these notices is not the virus, but the message itself that spreads so fast and  generates unecessary traffic. I think it is a good thing to check the existence of a virus before spreading the news. As IT experts, we are responsible to spread a verified information, because other people will believe us because we are supposed to *know*.

Stephan Calabrese,
L'Afrique sur Internet