>I am on other lists and attachments are usually trashed

It can be useful to be able to allow attachments on a list,
and since this list is supposed to be professionals we
are supposed to be able to take care of ourselves?

>What baffles me is that a list made for/by IT experts

The list has not fallen into any traps, although individuals
may have. Actually the list, by displaying the problem to
so many knowledgable people, has addressed if not
solved the problem for that one user.

>Please prevent this from happening again.

All you can do is to follow the simple principle: DO NOT
RUN unknown programs. There is no way you can know
what they will do.

>A thought: it might have been some stupid racist attempt

A little reseach may have prevented you from suggesting
that; the virus/worm uses the first word (usually a first name)
to "address" the user to make the attachment more
credible. Since this list is called  African Network of IT Experts
and Professionals, the first name was African, as in "hey
African". So when you get a message starting "hey nd" it's
because a friend of yours has been infected. Undoubtedly
the virus will proliferate in other variants saying other things
(since there is no limit to no-life wannabe hackers around)

Best regards

Jorn Grotnes