No, I am not a prankster, just one of the many who sits on your mailing
I repeat, apologies for all the upset on the list today.
Louisa Douwes Dekker
Journalist - Computerweek

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Hi Eric and Afrik-IT listers,

The way I read it, Louisad may be a prankster -

Will the right Louisad stand up, and identify yourself,  please?:-)

Eric wrote:

>friends--if i'm not mistaken, this is the worm virus about which much has
>been written in the last week. do not under any circumstances run the
>attached executable (zipped_files.exe)! it will do all sorts of nasty
>to your computer, as well as propagate itself by sending itself to everyone
>in your Outlook address book (as it looks to have done on louisa's

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Louisad (????) wrote:
>> Hi African !
>> I received your email and I shall send you a reply ASAP.
>> Till then, take a look at the attached zipped docs.
>> bye.



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