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Hi all

=Hello ALL!!
=One or two raised the question of attachments....
= of the view that...we set a message size
=limit of, say, 50K..
=Others may disagree.. The question is do we
=want to continue to allow attachments..? .
=Lets get some more soundings on this in the usual Afrik-it spirit.
=There may be other alternatives. We may want to avoid
=taking drastic measures..but again what are the options.

It seems to me that we must allow attachments because there are
occasions when these are usefull ways of forwarding interesting news

Yes there is a risk of distributing a virus but at the individual
receipients end the risk of receiving one exists any way.

I saw the infamous posting and deleted immediately, only to be nagged
at by my Anti Virus staff who wanted to capture it for tests in the

Without bringing in freedom of speech debates I really cannot see any
reason to impose restrictions. If we must then Dave Wilson's
suggestion of limiting the number of lines seems the best option.

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=Lets hear from you..
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