Hi Africans,

There has been several attempts and discussions about uniting Africa.
Politicians all over africa have failed woefully in their efforts at this
unity. I have been having a secret vision that IT is going to achieve this.
Contributions from all, on various Africa issues give me hope that this can
be achieved.  Current discussions on Afrinic have generally been frank and
quite interesting.

I am now begining to have serious doubts about the success of African unity.
  Some POLITICS is now creeping into our system and if we are not careful,
it will destroy us.

We are PROFESSIONALS, not POLOTICIANS when it comes to IT.  This Francophone
- Anglophone divide is going to kill us if we are not careful.

Over a month ago, there was a posting from Tarek Kamel that Africans at the
INET'99 would meet on Thursday, 24th June to discuss Internet in Africa
(AFRINIC), etc. - A very good idea towards the formation ISOC Africa.
Yesterday, Wednessday 23rd June, French speaking Africans were call to a
meeting at the Hilton Hotel, and I felt sorry when I heard some of the
decisions taken at there.  In short, they agreed that they are not coming
for this all-important meeting.


They are claiming that at the Developing Countries Symposium held on the
Monday, Dr. Quaynor, in responds to Dr. Wawa Ngege's contribution that there
should have been silmauteneaous translation of the proceedings into the
major langauges (French and Spanish), said that CANNOT be.  Well I think
those of you who were at the meeting will agree that he did not say that.  I
think Dr. Quaynor will have to explain again what he said in answer to that

My concern is that if even he did say that, do we sacrifice our chance of
uniting because maybe some few among us do not like Nii Quaynor ??
I am very worried because this same problem came up in INET'98 at Geneva
last year, where a few Fancophones created so much confusion in our attempts
to form the ISOC Africa.  I believe these same people are behind this too.

I think honourable people in Africa like Dr. Wawa Ngege, who is both
Anglophone and Francophone, Tarek Kamel, ISOC Board of Trustee member, and
all Africans should bring their weights and influences to bear and help
solve this problem ones and for all.  Let's bear in mind that France cannot
support Francophone countries for ever.  A time will definately come when
they will pull out.

Africans, we need each other , whether Francophone or Anglophone.

I wish to appeal to our Francophone brothers who have decided not to attend
this meeting today, to change their minds and come help in shaping Internet,
and IT in Africa.  We need it.



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