Hi Clement and AFRIK-IT listers

Dave Wilson's point about using the Sizelim= parameter is probably the best
approach here.   We can realistically expect an increased flurry of
worm-like phenomena over the next couple of months.   We can also
realistically expect the list to have a (relatively:-)) small percentage of
naive subscribers:-), at any given time.

As I recall, in the old days of netiquette, it was, and *should still be*,
a cardinal sin to send anyone any kind of attachement without prior
agreement on protocol and file format!  As a strict rule, I trash any
attachement if it comes unannounced, irrespective of source.

With the advent of quasi-improved microsoft automation, and increasingly
growing numbers of naive email users, this netiquette has increasingly
become a thing of the past.  Accordingly, it would serve all of us well, if
the list owner (i.e., Clement) imposed a stricture on file attachements to
the AFRIK-IT list (especially those horrible little signature files that
are increasingly appearing along with microsoft-driven email:-)).

Another important advantage of the Sizelim= parameter is that Jeff @
Washington will have to keep his African travelogues and restaurant guides
down to a bare minimum!:-)  (sorry Jeff, I simply couldn't resist:-)).


National Museum of Namibia

Avoid the Plague, wear a Macintosh:-)