hi jim,

> If you want the negative side of UNDP's activities, as seen
> by a private company trying to do business in The Gambia
> I can definitely come up with a few points. What is Latin for
> "He came, He saw, He Trampled"
> (Joke of the day: "Support for Small and Micro-enterprises...")

in what i've seen of UNDP's SDNP-type projects, their work seems quite
variable, but maybe in any large organization that's inevitable.

their web site didn't seem to say anything about what they actually do
(admittedly i didn't go through it all, because it's so poorly
organized--makes you walk through a slide show)--lots of good words about
networking, communicating, infrastructure, etc. what DO they do? set up an
international gateway and pay for a 2mbps pipe coming into the country, then
retail smaller chunks to local ISPs? would that end up undercutting an ISP
that has its own int'l pipe?

best, eric