In message <[log in to unmask]>, Niall Murphy writes:
> > > As far as I am aware GSM can do something like 2400bps.
> >
> > I've heard up to 9600, with a claim of 14,400 with compression
> > (Motorola).  But those claims are from manufacturers.
> >
> > > I'd like to hear from anyone, anywhere who does email via GSM.
> I use a Nokia 6110 with data connectivity running at 9600bps into my ISP
> with great success.  Compression can push it a bit, but 9600 works fine.
> I connect using dial-up into an analog port at my ISP - normal modem
> handshake.  I open a PPP TCP/IP link over the connection, and have full
> Internet access.


Thanks. I'd like to see some figures.

Can you maybe clean your inbox, and put 20 KB worth of outgoing mail
into your out queue. Then you clear your cell phone counters and do a
dialup sending and receiveing all mail. Disconnect. Look at the
counters and the incoming file sizes.

Post the figures.

greetings, el