Ticket Number: UCD/990216-05            Ticket Status: OPEN/CLOSE
Ticket Type  : unscheduled              Ticket Source: IEDR
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Ticket Opened: 990216  19:30:00 GMT     Problem Start: 990216  18:27:00 GMT
Ticket Closed: 990216  19:30:00 GMT     Problem Ends : 990216  18:38:00 GMT

Problem Description:, the Primary Nameserver for IE, lost its network


        IEDR administration procedures; any secondary nameservers
        attempting a zone transfer for IE. Regular DNS requests were
        handled by the secondary nameservers without any interruption.


        The cause was traced to loose network cable between banba's
        hub and router. Reseated cable, tested network link.

Time To Fix:

        11 minutes

James Raftery (JBR54) - Programmer Hostmaster   IE Domain Registry
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