The TEI consists of (or "has produced") a DTD and the guidelines on how to
apply it. An XML version of the TEI would mean an XML-compliant version of
the DTD. Do you have any reason why you want to use an XML version of the
TEI and not the SGML version? The only reason I could think of is that you
want to use specific tools that support XML but not SGML?

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Subject: Re: XML vocabulary, TEI or EAD?

Charles Muller states that he is using TEI with XML "in my XML-based
lexicons." I would be more than interested in knowing how that is being
done since there is no official version as yet of the TEI-DTD for XML,
only for SGML. The last time I asked people involved in the Text
Encoding Initiative about this they said that quite a few undone things
would come before the XML-isation of the DTD (and, I guess, the tags).

I am just starting a project with Icelandic and Danish documents,
letters and diverse texts from the period 1570-1730 and really want to
use TEI and XML. Their apparent non-compatibility because of the lack of
DTD has worried me, but there may be a simple solution.

Hoping to learn something about this,
Mar Jonsson
Assistant professor of history
University of Iceland
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