Tag names are allowed to have the underscore character in them as per 3.1 of
the specification.  A tag consists of 'name' elements, which are letters,
underscores and colons 2.3 of the spec.

If the parser doesn't work can I suggest another one?!? :-)


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Subject: Underscore in tag names?

Hi all,

Is it correct that XML does not allow the underscore character in tag names?
I tried to use elements like <standard_command> and <form_command>, but I
get a parser error saying "character '_' not allowed in start tag" (or end

I assume that this would be defined in the XML declaration ("xml.dcl"?), but
I don't know how to read this type of file. Is there a way that I can use
the underscore in tag names, or is it just an illegal character for tag


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