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> No, I didn't mean I had a problem with using HTTP to send or receive

> XML.  That wasn't the point. I couldn't see why anyone would want to

> use an XML client to send an XML file to a server for validation. I can

> see a need for remote validators such as we have HTML validators now,

> for people who don't have validating editors or clients, but the

> original author seemed to think that sending every XML file to a server

> specifically for validation would be an everyday event, whereas I would

> guess it will be as rare as hens' teeth.


> ///Peter

Sorry Peter if my Email was a bit confusing. I don't want to do this
to validate XML (like you say here, what for).

What I want to do is the following: Let's supposed I have two Java
Web Servers (or Application servers or whatever), and they are in
two different geographical locations.

I want them to use XML as their communications protocol, on top of
HTTP. So that for example one side asks the other for sales info,
and the other replies with the sales info. All this request and
reply happens via XML with my own tags.

My question was, I know how to parse XML now, but how do I go about
dynamically creating the XML (easy) and sending it to the other
side via HTTP? and then have the other side listen on the HTTP
port, realize I'm sending XML, and pass the stream to the XML

Thanks for any help!!!

- Saile from Brazil!

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