Mark Birbeck wrote:

> Emin,
> > Hi all and thanks for your comments about storing XML documents on a
> > relational database.
> > Again, I need your advices about dynamic XML generation. Is there any
> > tool (freeware, shareware or commercial) that produces
> > dynamic XML from
> > the data extracted from a relational database? If not where can I find
> > some useful hints and comments to implement such a one?
> Don't know of any free stuff, but it's not difficult to implement. Do
> you have all of the correspondence of the last week or so on the
> subject, because I think some good points were made. If you haven't I
> assume there's an archive, or I could forward it to you.
> The thought of starting that thread all over again though ...
> Regards,
> Mark
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You may take a look at IBM's XML-java parser available from

Oracla have just released XML-java parser. I have not seen it htough. Do
not know if they can generate. Refer to

Sun also has a XML parser available from

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