Peter Flynn writes:
 > Simon writes:
 > [me]
 > > >Alas not even for the Web. Panorama has been available for four or
 > > >five years at least, maybe more.
 > >
 > > Yes, and SGML has been generally scorned as a Web format for four or five
 > > years at least, maybe more.
 > Yes, it was never designed as one, and speeds to do it justice have
 > really only been available in the last two years. XML should prove
 > far faster and easier. My point was just that to say these facilities
 > were unavailable before XML simply isn't true.

They were unavailable to me and to other Linux users.

Ironically, I can now view MS Word 97 documents on my Linux box (using
the new, free version of WordPerfect for Linux released last
Thursday), but I still cannot view an SGML document + stylesheet using
an out-of-the-box software package.

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