>Sam Hunting wrote:
>> Can I translate this as follows:
>> This approach allows XML data to be stored and retrieved
>> to granularity limited only by the XML instance, using existing
>> relational technology, with no performance penalty?
>That was a translation?    ;)

Yes, I think it was. It was a serious question, at least. I'm trying to
understand where the dividing line (if any) is between the relational world
and the SGML world, working from the assumption that content that's worth
normalizing goes in the database, and content that isn't, doesn't.

You seem to have thought through an approach to this design problem, so I'm
interested to understand it.

 So, (1) Here is what I see as a claim of unlimited granularity:

"allows you to distribute any node in the tree"

And (2) since you don't mention performance issues... I assume there aren't
any ;-)


Sam Hunting
Software Performance Systems