Mark Birbeck writes:

>The attribute table has a join on the element table to say what
>element  the attribute belongs to, whilst the element has
>joins to itself to say who the parent of an element is. This
>allows us to store an object-like tree structure, and so
>generate XML documents from any point in the tree ... The
>consequence is that we can pull out quotes and references
>from an article, a whole article, or even a whole issue, if we
>wanted. ... Generating XML documents on-the-fly - whilst not
>without problems - is an important direction to try to go in
>because it allows you to distribute any node in the tree.

Can I translate this as follows:

This approach allows XML data to be stored and retrieved
to granularity limited only by the XML instance, using existing
relational technology, with no performance penalty?


Sam Hunting
Software Performance Systems