Linda van den Brink writes:

The only reason I could think of is that you want to use
specific tools that support XML but not SGML?

Is that not a good reason? I want my texts to be accessible
on the www and according to what I have been reading, XML is
by far more promising for that than SGML.

Patrice Bonhomme of LORIA (Laboratoire Lorrain de recherche
en informatique et ses applications) released his personal
version of the TEI-Lite DTD, version 0.3 on December 1,
1997. He then produced his personal XML release of the TEI
P3 DTD, version 0.1, on October 10 this year: see I do not have the
competence to assess his works, but I admire his initiative.

In my opinion there should be an official version of the TEI
dtds for XML as well as SGML. More people will be
interested, I fell, in working with XML than SGML, for
instance my students. The reasons are the reasons why XML
was developed in the first place and I see no reason that
TEI ignores that development.

Mar Jonsson