Hello everyone,

  This is my first Email to the list, let's see how productive we get!

  This email is to ask for a suggestion. I'm using the IBM parser, and
  more specifically the SAX parser to parse my XML files. I got it all
  figured out but got to the following problem: Let's supposed now I
  want to have a client and a server talk over the web using HTTP to
  pass around their XML documents. Now let's suppose that the client
  wants to send an XML stream to the server so that it can parse it.
  What is the best way to accomplish this?

  Currently, I'd have to pass to the server a URL (say http://foo/foo.xml
  which it downloads and parses. But what if I want the contents of the
  "document" be completelly dynamic based on ANOTHER XML document I send?
  i.e.: I want to SEND and XML stream/doc to the other side, have that
  other side parse that XML and respond with more XML to me.

  I know I can use the HTTP GET method, but that's only practical when
  you're requesting something, not for sending an XML doc. Maybe I can
  somehow use HTTP PUT and declare a XML MIME type on both sides and
  "attach" my XML in the POST request (how?) and "detach" it and decode
  it on the other side???

  ANY suggestions would be welcome. I figure this is something that will
  become a FAQ question in the future as is one of the most typical uses
  I can imagine for XML. By the way, I tried searching the FAQs for this
  I could not find any help related to the topic.

  Thanks in advance!!!

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