If you are not completely disenfranchised with startups, I'm working for one
out here in San Francisco by the name of Capstan Trade Systems.  We are
developing a line of product to be used for International Trade over the
internet using XML as the standard document layout.  We are interested in
you if you are interested in us.  Please send me a resume or give us a call
at (415) 437-9424.

Yours Truly,
Chris Fry
Capstan Trade Systems, Inc.

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Date: Thursday, December 03, 1998 10:57 PM
Subject: XML Consulting -- Dogbert bit me

>Hi all,
>Pardon the following shameless plug, but I find myself in a tight
>situation. I am a consultant working with XML and Java and learned
>yesterday that the XML startup I am working with can no longer pay me. If
>anyone out there needs an experienced XML/Java/C++ software engineer ASAP,
>I'd be interested in hearing from you.
>Scott Adams
>Potomac Software, Inc.
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