Sabine Zumpe asked:

> My next question: How shall I begin with my DTD ?
> I have the law texts at home but the structure seems st every law
> diffent.

Although it isn't XML-oriented, a text which I have found extremely
helpful on the subject of document analysis and DTD design is:

Eve Maler and Jeanne El Andaloussi, Developing SGML DTDs: From Text
to Model to Markup (Prentice Hall, 1996)

It develops quite a thorough methodology for the document analysis
process, with a lot of examples. Bear in mind, however, that the
sections which address the actual encoding of the DTD are SGML-based
and employ some features which are not available in XML. There are
many XML-specific titles appearing on the market, some of which may
also address this area.

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