At 03:49 AM 12/4/98 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>Sounds like good XML gossip; if you'd like to send the juicy details
>to the XML world's own gossip columnist, Xavier McLipps ([log in to unmask],
>check out his stuff in the "Puzzlin' Evidence" column at
>he preserves anonymity and dishes dirt.  -Tim

Glad to hear Xavier McLipps is still going; from the occasional nature of
his column (the last one was early October, I think), I was starting to
worry that:

a) the XML community was full of angels

b) the XML community was a peculiarly secretive bunch

c) the XML community was too small to have gossip, and not growing.

All of those (except a on certain days) really worried me, and didn't seem
especially accurate.  Hopefully, we're as rollicking as the next community.

Simon St.Laurent
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