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> Please take me off your mailing list!

[copied to list for information]

XML-L is a regular LISTSERV list, so you send commands in exactly the
same way as for any other list, by sending a message to
[log in to unmask]

To subscribe, send a 1-line mail message saying

     SUB XML-L forename surname

(substituting your own forename and surname [both, please]) to
[log in to unmask] (or to your nearest LISTSERV: any one will
do, as your request will be automatically forwarded).

To unsubscribe, send a 1-line mail message saying


to the LISTSERV address given above.  Don't send requests to
xml-l-request or owner-xml-l unless you want special action by a
human (see final para).

Don't include signature blocks (.sig files) or any other text in your
message, especially not MIME attachments like images, or automatically-
attached formatting like Microsoft's ms-tnef files.

These procedures are described in more detail in the document you were
sent when you joined the list: if you didn't have time to read it
then, it might be worth reading now, because there are quite a few
useful commands such as SET XML-L NOMAIL which turns off the flow of
messages temporarily without unsubscribing you (SET XML-L MAIL turns
it on again).

If you have problems, then by all means mail me (for example if your
systems administrators have changed your mail address since you
subscribed, so that LISTSERV no longer recognises you: this can happen
and you may be unaware that anything has changed until you try to use
a command).