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>Simon wrote:
>"...An XML document can be displayed using a 'light' style sheet, for
>instance CSS, and become visible/styled while retaining its data
>Is there a good tutorial out there for using CSS with XML -- and is IE5
>the only browser that can do anything with it??

Frank Boumphrey did a book (Professional Stylesheets for HTML and XML)
covering CSS and XSL.  It's definitely worth a look - I loaned out my copy
shortly after I bought it and never got it back, but it looked good.  (The
disappearing copy was a promising sign as well.)

The CSS2 specification itself is remarkably readable - see  It's one of the few specs I don't mind
recommending people read directly.

I cover CSS to some extent in XML: A Primer, but for real details of CSS,
it's probably better to look at a resource explicitly focused on styles.  A
CSS book written for HTML might be helpful - the principles of using CSS in
both are pretty similar.

Simon St.Laurent
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