Uh, sorry folks--

Damn neurons . . . . pre-fired again.

I meant to add that my question arose b/c when--at GCA 98 in Chicago--the
namespaces presentation was made, I thought I understood that the URI
given in the namespaces declaration was NOT actually "read" by the browser
(a point--as I recall--that raised no small # of questions in the
presentation Tim Bray gave, yet Microsoft IE 5b2 uses namespaces
without--it seems, as said in the presentation--actually reading teh DTD
ref'd in teh namespaces declaration).

Sorry to have to double-post to append this.  I still do want to work with
the XML TEI if anyone knows its public location, but the question re.
namespaces is still a mystery b/c of the browser supposedly not ever
reading teh DTD ref'd in teh declaration.

I think that covers it.

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