If you're working with XML and an Oracle Database, or
are curious about trying, then you may be interested
in checking out some sample PL/SQL-based XML utilities
and demos we've posted today at:

These utilities are all written in PL/SQL and work in any Oracle7
or Oracle8 database.

You'll also find new postings for Oracle's XML Parser in Java
and an annotated version of Oracle's XML98 Keynote Address
with added slides explaining how the demos we did there worked.

Full source for the PL/SQL utilities and demos are included
in the "PLSXML" suite below, downloadable from the site.


The "PLSXML" suite of PL/SQL-package-based utilities comprises:

  DBXML - For generating rich, nested XML documents from SQL queries

  DBDOM - For creating, parsing, traversing, and searching XML
           Documents using a subset of the Document Object Model API using PL/SQL

  DBXSL - For generating a database-driven XSL stylesheet for a
          tree-rendering of data (used by one of the demos)

along with a suite of XML/Oracle demos which I use to show them off:

   1. Three-tier Web Page Validation Using XML/Oracle
   2. DHTML Manipulation of Rich XML Query Results
   3. Browser-based Search Results in XML from the Database
   4. Query and Tree Visualization of Oracle Data
   5. "Realtime" stock quotes in XML, using XSL Stylesheets
   6. Oracle Developer Form querying XML-based data from a URL

Demos 1-5 above leverage the latest XML/XSL features of IE 5.0 Beta2
leveraging XML/XSL delivered on-the-fly from the database.

These are PL/SQL packages which I have found useful in my own
XML Evangelism inside and outside the company and I hope can
help others learn about how much of a natural fit XML and Oracle are.

Have fun.

Steve Muench
Consulting PM & XML Technology Evangelist
Java Business Objects Development Team
Oracle Corporation
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