> Is that not a good reason? I want my texts to be accessible
> on the www and according to what I have been reading, XML is
> by far more promising for that than SGML.

Promising, yes. But if you want delivery right now, use the SGML
version and either make a translation to HTML or suggest your
users use Panorama or MultiDoc to view the SGML.

> Patrice Bonhomme of LORIA (Laboratoire Lorrain de recherche

PBs stuff is excellent, but we lack a robust XML browser.

> In my opinion there should be an official version of the TEI
> dtds for XML as well as SGML.

I'm sure this will come.

> More people will be
> interested, I fell, in working with XML than SGML, for
> instance my students. The reasons are the reasons why XML
> was developed in the first place and I see no reason that
> TEI ignores that development.

I wasn't aware that it was being ignored.