Roger L. Costello wrote:

>From my readings on XML it appears that there are two methods for
>an element's metadata: using NOTATIONs and using ATTLIST.

When choosing between two approaches for coding something, I like to
focus on the question "if I take the extra trouble to go with the more
complicated version, what does it buy me?" Maybe it's easier to read, or
maybe it lets you take advantage of a wider variety of software to
process the text.

I don't think that using NOTATIONs for your particular DTD buys you
either of these. The "ease of use with other kinds of software" angle is
part of the plan with NOTATIONs, but the implementation of that plan has
a way to go. (I'd love to be proven wrong!) I think that your attribute
specification plan looks fine.

With the choice of enumeration vs. CDATA, either you constrain values or
you don't--I don't know of any gray area, unless you want make "other" a
token to choose from and have another CDATA attribute to store a value
for this case.

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