At our translation department, they are planning to use a terminology
database, in which fixed terms (terms that are used consistently throughout
our documentation) are linked to their, also fixed, translations in numerous
languages. Maybe it would be possible for search engines to use something
like this? People would then be able to use tag names in the language of
their choice, while the search engine would know from the 'tag database'
that <auteur> is the same as <author>...

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[Linda van den Brink]
> Why? I used the TEI dtd to markup selections of Dutch poems. It
> never bothered me that the tag names are in English. Do you mean
> that people who don't speak English will want to create tags in
> their native language, or are there other reasons as well?

Evidently, you are comfortable with English.  I'm going to guess that
the data entry pool at the Duma is less so; I think they'd rather have
<slon glupy="da"/> to work with.  XML applications may all be created
by those comfortable enough with English to read the spec and use the
English portions of the Internet.  Though I don't think that will be
the case, even if it were, the end-users of the applications will not
all be as comfortable with English.

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