I suppose it's indeed the parser then... I'm using Jade (which works with
nsgmls) to convert my XML files to HTML, and when the parser processes the
XML it complains about the underscore in tag names. Unfortunately I can't
just use Jade with another parser....

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Tag names are allowed to have the underscore character in them as per 3.1 of
the specification.  A tag consists of 'name' elements, which are letters,
underscores and colons 2.3 of the spec.

If the parser doesn't work can I suggest another one?!? :-)


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Subject: Underscore in tag names?

Hi all,

Is it correct that XML does not allow the underscore character in tag names?
I tried to use elements like <standard_command> and <form_command>, but I
get a parser error saying "character '_' not allowed in start tag" (or end

I assume that this would be defined in the XML declaration ("xml.dcl"?), but
I don't know how to read this type of file. Is there a way that I can use
the underscore in tag names, or is it just an illegal character for tag


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