I've worked with the TEI dtd, but I'd say it's a bit more than just a tag

> Also, what about searching for documents in another language?
>That's just one of the problems: I will want to use <auteur> in
>France, not <author>.

Why? I used the TEI dtd to markup selections of Dutch poems. It never
bothered me that the tag names are in English. Do you mean that people who
don't speak English will want to create tags in their native language, or
are there other reasons as well?

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>I agree that it would be a good thing to have tag libraries. (aren't there
>*any* initiatives in this area already?).

The work done by the Text Encoding Initiative in this area is already quite
extensive, and
people who work in the humanities fields have been using their
recommendations for some
time. Please see:


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