You could use CSS online references; although almost all of them assume you
are using CSS with HTML, you can use them to learn CSS and then apply it to
your XML - it's not that difficult.

Take a look at

And I recommend you download this excellent CSS reference + tutorial in hlp
format, from I could also
forward it to you if downloading doesn't work out.

I bought Frank Boumphrey's Professional Stylesheets for HTML and XML after
having read his latest XSL tutorial, which I found very useful to get a
first idea of how XSL works. I can certainly recommend his book if you want
to learn a lot about styling XML web pages.

I already did a little bit of testing in IE5b2 with XML + CSS. Most of it
works, but one thing that didn't work was displaying lists as list-type.
With HTML, you can use list-style-type and list-style-image to change the
default list bullets, in IE4 as well as IE5. But with XML it doesn't work at

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Simon wrote:
"...An XML document can be displayed using a 'light' style sheet, for
instance CSS, and become visible/styled while retaining its data

Is there a good tutorial out there for using CSS with XML -- and is IE5
the only browser that can do anything with it??