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>[...] Is this being done already [...]?

Yes.  webMethods does this for a living:

There are various ways to accomplish this.  We allow you to use any
DTD you want, and we'll provide any necessary translation.  However,
you may want to use a generic DTD that is capable of expressing any
message.  webMethods and Userland (among others) have developed such
a technology, which we call XML RPC:

John Tigue at DataChannel has done work in this area:

Also, Allaire has created a technology called WDDX that serves as
a way to generically represent data that is exchanged between systems.
But I can't seem to find a good link on their site.

Finally, if you are interested to learn more about the webMethods
perspective on using XML to message between applications over HTTP,
see the chapter "WIDL and XML RPC" in _The_XML_Handbook_.

I hope these references help you to answer your questions.
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