Hi people!

I like to introduce you the african music project „Boyz of Butuburam“.
The represented artists of this project are 16-28 year old fugitives of
the civil war in Liberia. The german-liberian „Alexander Dvorak“ meets
them in a refugee camp in Butuburam.  Shocked  of their fate and
impressed by the quality of their raps, he decided to make a CD, to
distribute it in the industry states and to sent the earned money to the
artists of Butuburam.
Unfortunetly, as it has been proved, no one of the major record
companies like to insert this project in their reportoire. Cause they
cannot imagine a commercial distribution of that kind of music.
But with the small independent record company „United Sound“ we found a
partner, who agrees to take this project in their online-shop.

We don´t want to spam the mailinglists, our request is not a commercial
one and the Internet is the onliest medium to promote the „Boyz of

So if anybody of you could give me a hint, where it is possible to
promote this project it would be very helpful for us and the „Boyz of

With regards.

Further information & soundclips at: