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>Jose Luis Ruiz Dou asked:
>>Does anybody knows pubs for folk sessions in Glasgow. Could you include d=
>>of week ?.
>>I am going to Glagow tomorrow for one week. Could you tell me if there is
>>any good folk concerts in Scotland for the next week ?.
>I hope you haven't left yet, or if you have that someone emailed you
>off-list. Your best bet for details would be to buy a copy of 'The List',
>which is the events listing magazine for Edinburgh and Glasgow and comes
>out every two weeks. Regular sessions are listed, as well as one-off
>For a rough idea of sessions:
>Friday:   The Victoria Bar (I'll be there tonight)
>Saturday: Babbity Bowsters
>          The Scotia Bar
>Sunday:   Babbity Bowsters?
>My knowledge is really only on hearsay and my geography of the area is
>sketchy, but these bars are all very central. The Babbity Bowsters ones
>(may be just the one) definitely need confirming; I heard it was a Scots
>session. I think another irish one has started up somewhere, but as I
>say, this is just what I've heard on the grapevine.In addition there is a
>midweek session (Monday?) with the McHughs in Sharkey's Bar, which is
>behind the Citizen's Theatre in the Gorbals district.
>Taxis in Glasgow seem really cheap compared with Edinburgh and
>Glaswegians are friendly, so I'm sure you'll get on fine.
>Good luck,
>Edinburgh, Scotland
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Thank you i for your info (also to Ted). Yes in fact i was already in
Scotland but i was told about the Baboty bowster session in Glasgow. It was
great with a man called John on the Small pipes and the Lowland pipes.


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