Ar Eirinn ni Neosfainn ce hi  [For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name]

Bob Pfeffer offers a text taken from the singing of Con Greaney but had
difficulty, in the absence of text comparisons for one verse in deducing what
Con actually sang - this is not surprising since he sings with great gasps of
indrawn breath, with a lot of supplemental syllables and with an idiosyncratic
and inconsistent pronunciation. Consequently my offering, for all my being
Irish, living in Ireland (albeit in the north) and my forty years of listening
to and transcribing songs from traditional singers, is only slightly less
tentative. Bob is to be congratulated on getting sofar. The only possibility
of a confirmatory text would be Mary OHara's book "Song of Ireland" but I have
no access to that book.

Fifth stanza:

 Oh her father has riches in store
 He has cattle and corn and wealth
 And [broad] lands by the wild Avonmore
 Oh but sure I have my youth and good health
       Oh for she's the fair maid I adore
       [And her love she fulfils unto] me
       [Without riches] there's no earthly store
       [Agus] ar Eirinn ni neosfainn ce hi


I have substituted what I hear - or guess from sound and context - in
brackets, in the above. It comes closer to making sense and some of the sounds
which caused problems are present elsewhere in the performance, so others may
listen and decide whether the suggestions are sound.

Best wishes

John Moulden