Paul wrote, in response to my query about capital letters and time zones:

> Jeepers, whaddya want it, on a plate or  what?  Answer the questions, sing
>  the tune and get back to me!

Sure, where I live, it's platter time!  Well, I've chosen the right answers,
but that is one strange-sounding carol they make. Should I play it backwards?

> all entries will be adjusted for time zone variations, *and* Dee and I will
> ourselves out of it.  Fair?

Sure, what a sport you are. :-) Hey, does this mean it's too late for
Australian entries, since they're ahead of you?  And I don't think I mentioned
that the *digest* doesn't go out until 00:00 GMT, so any digest recipients
won't get this for another few hours unless they take a sneaky peek at the

>  I'll post full answers very soon.

Looking forward to reading the answers, but here's your newest dilemma:  do
you post before midnight and deprive digest recipients of the chance to enter,
or do you wait till tomorrow and leave them hanging in suspense?

Oh -- while you're at it, would you mind posting the abcs to "Stacking the
Deck"? I've never actually heard this tune, but I understand it uses only the
notes A, B, C, and D. I believe it's a Kerry slip-slide, so I'm sure you'll
know it.

All in good fun, of course...Do you think you'll have to buy many pints?  LOL